The magazine promoting Peace and Prosperity through greater public understanding of American Justice, the Rule of Law, and the principles and practices of due process that control our American Courts.

Justice® brings you in-depth "legal news", what's really happening behind the scenes in our nation's courts, practical articles to help you deal with legal issues affecting you and those you love, true stories about people just like you winning real cases in court without a lawyer, legal crosswords, games, cartoons, and much more so YOU can know what the legal profession has been hiding from you!

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Justice® is a magazine like "People", "Time", "Fortune", "Golf", "Harpers", or "Atlantic" ... but with content never before published to the public.


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  • From the Bench (letters from real judges)
  • Criminal Case Lesson (explaining criminal procedure and evidence rules)
  • Lawsuit Lesson (on various civil litigation-related topics)
  • Legislation Lesson (could be on any legislation-related topic)
  • Supreme Court Watch
  • Cutting Edge Cases (any state or federal appellate cases of interest)
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No longer can the secret world of lawyers be hidden from you and those you love!

The principles and practices of justice belong to the American People, not the legal profession that has never made the slightest effort to teach you or your children what Justice is nor the process by which Justice is secured in our courts.

Justice® lifts the veil to show everyone what Justice truly is, how it works in court, where it's advancing, where it's being stolen, and much more that you and those you love have a God-given right to know about!

Too much false information is offered by enemies of our American Justice system by people who posture themselves as "patriots", angry protesters who haven't the slightest idea how our legal system works.

Justice® fills the gap for you!


Our system of Justice works for those who use it lawfully, honestly, and justly, according to a simple set of Rules that are fair, easy-to-learn, and favor good people!

We encourage confidence in our system of Justice by explaining it in a way that entertains while providing you and your family with Real Legal knowledge that dispels the lies published on the internet by angry enemies of good government who wish to live "outside the law".

We promote Public Legal Education by putting Justice® Magazine in every home and everywhere finer publications are sold, so you the American People can know how our Justice system works and why we must defend and protect it from enemies whose ignorance threatens to destroy the very foundation of good government: Justice!


There is no Liberty where Justice is denied.


Our motto is "Justicia Omnibus" ... Justice for All!

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